Using Sendex AI App

Creating a new Payment Request step by step in App

Currently all Payment Requests are 100% Anonymous and Disposable.

Step 1: Open Sendex AI dApp web page:

Step 2: Connect your wallet and navigate to Create New Request Payment.

Please Note: Your wallet address will be only used in Sendex AI App to keep track of your actions history and will be visible only for you. All transactions in Sendex AI services are 100% anonymous.

Step 3: Fill the form with some details and description for your Payment Request. This will be shown to payer as an invoice description. Select Network and Token which you want to have payment. Make sure you are selecting the correct network and token. Define the amount you want to receive. It shouldn't be less than the minimum amount shown by bot. Also you can keep some private notes for yourself on this Payment Request to have your future references. This note will be only visible to you in your history panel.

Step 4: Create the form and the app will show you next page containing your Payment Request invoice details and links for payments. Send any of these invoice links to your friend or customer to pay. They can pay directly using the Telegram bot or using the direct link to a web invoice version.

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