Sendex Levels

Sendex Levels is the tier system for Sendex products. Based on users' $SENDEX token holding, they will get different advantages such as fee and VIP options.

Note: Sendex Levels will be always under review and supervision and will be changed according to market and project volume and capitalization. It is not a permanent statement.

Sendex Levels for Sendex Cards

Use the following commands for more information on Sendex Cards Telegram Bot:

Use /connectwallet to connect your wallet and view your Sendex Level status. Use /status to check your Sendex Level status.

Levels Structure:

Zero Level $SENDEX < 50

Card Purchase Fee: 6.5% + $2 Cap Limit: $500 / €460

Silver Level $SENDEX >= 50

Card Purchase Fee: 4% + $2 Cap Limit: $1000 / €920

Gold Level $SENDEX >= 5000

Card Purchase Fee: 2.5% + $2 Cap Limit: Highest Card Cap

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